THC Consulting Clients? Testimony

“THC Consulting’s Leadership and EQ based program was a key component of our transformation exercise towards a high performance organization.  We like their experience and commitment to thoroughly understand our organization’s characteristics - this helped us to customize the program specifically to our needs.  They are always there for us to provide invaluable people related advice.  In short, they have become our trusted partner.”

Zainal Amanshah,
Group CEO,
REDtone Telecommunications

"Programs facilitated by Huat Chye have always been Insightful, In-depth and Inspiring. With his wide experiences both in consulting and corporate, Huat Chye is able to help us translate big Management ideas or concept such as Leadership and EQ into something practical at work. We definitely found his workshops very enjoyable and beneficial to our organization."

Mark Toh,
CEO, Prudential Fund Management Bhd.

"I believe the first step to be an effective leader and  team player,  is Self Awareness.  This is what LEAP has done for the team members who have joined the programme.  Increasing self awareness to better understand self and also, team members.   LEAP builds team spirit and team work whilst improving our leadership skills - being better followers and better leaders !"

Helen Teh,
Chief Officer- HR (2009), 
Prudential Fund Management Bhd.

The EQ Centric Leadership Program offers very comprehensive package on EQ applied. It provides insight into understanding oneself and others using motivation theory and McClelland’s formula – something new to me. This allows me to understand behaviours and identify my development needs for EQ effectiveness. A variety of very useful tools for self-control were provided and very helpful pointers were given on how to manage top, down and peer relationship in order to avoid “Amugdala Hijack” and become EQ effective. By the end of the program, when the 3 EQ-Centric Leadership styles were explained, I can appreciate what leading from the heart meant. Huat Chye was able to relate very well to work situations and gave very impactful examples to help me understand the motivation theory, how the difference in approach and the selection of right the tools under different situations with people of different social motive can bring about desired outcomes. Mui Han’s sharing of his personal experiences help me to avoid pitfalls and further enhanced my understanding.

“My Personal EQ Action Plan” framework (provided in course material) shall serve as my guide on what to do next and further training and development I require.  Equipped with more “bullets” after this program, I see light at the end of the tunnel and can’t wait to try them out! Thank you Huat Chye and Mui Han!

Chow Mee Yeh
Factory Manager
Matrix Flavours & Fragrances Sdn Bhd.

“EQ Centric Leadership Program taught knowledge and skills that helps to build leadership and managerial competencies. The methodology and tools used during the program helps the participants to internalise the learning and apply them in their workplace. This program is very suitable for those in managerial positions."

Chan Siew Mei
Senior Manager (Training & Development)
Tenaga Nasional Berhad

“EQ Centric Leadership Program is a very insightful program about knowing oneself and others, and how to manage oneself and others. The program provides a powerful tool to be used in dealing with people and their behaviour.”

Hassina Begam Abdul Ghani
HR Manager
OGP Technical Services Sdn Bhd

"The Effective Managers Program has equipped us with good soft skill tools and knowledge to improve the way we can manage ourselves and the people whom we work with. Additionally both Huat Chye and Mui Han has taken great effort to interact and presented well during the entire 8 days on training. "

Thinagaran Ramasamy
Assistant Manager – E - Marketing
Kurnia Insurans Berhad.

"The Effective Managers Program has changed my perspective of managing my subordinates and also my bosses. It has helped me to relook at my paradigms and made an impact to my personal life as well as in my capacity as a manager." 

Vasanthi Parasuraman,
Assistant Manager – Motorcycle Section,
Kurnia Insurans Berhad.

"The Effective Managers Program which schedules sessions (modules) fortnightly helps me a lot to practically apply the modules taught effectively. The trainers are good at identifying our strengths and areas of improvement, making each session very fruitful and truthful. The program has also created awareness for me of my personal surroundings and has helped me to improve my views towards certain issues. “

Kan Hong Hong
Assistant Manager – Information Technology,
Kurnia Insurans Berhad.

"Thru Effective Managers Program, I can adapt some of the concept introduced in my daily work such as understanding the 4 EQ Quadrants to promote better relationship with my superior as well as subordinate.  The cases discussed during the training also showed real sampling on how to deal with conflicts.  In short, the classes enabled me to fit all the pieces I knew about into an overall approach.  The training was informative and gave me other perspectives in managing my work.  I believe that the training should be attended by all managerial level.  Definitely beneficial!"

Nashatul Freeza Johari
Assistant Manager – Information Technology
Kurnia Insurans Berhad.

"The Effective Managers Program is really useful for me to improve myself to become a competent manager/leader in the future. I have a better understanding human characteristics and behavior. This knowledge is helpful for me to manage my staff and issues more effectively.

I have also learned to use different approach to manage different type of personalities among my subordinates. Most importantly, this program taught me how to control my emotions especially my temper to maintain a good relationship with superior and subordinates."

Goh Yean Teng,
Deputy Manager – Claims,
Kurnia Insurans Berhad.

"The Effective Managers Program is very comprehensive and informative training program tailored for ‘new managers’ whom lacked of management skills and experience in dealing with conflict situations. I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and meaningful experiences from the group discussions and sharing to help me be more effective in my role.”

Hor Sue Lin,
Deputy Manager – Underwriting,
Kurnia Insurans Berhad.

“The Effective Managers Program has been very useful and meaningful. It has impacted me to reflect on the way that I have been operating and managing my people, as well as my own personal life. From the Program, I have gained essential knowledge of EQ through the understanding of human behaviors, effective ways to manage my ownself, my team and their performance, how to perform proper delegation and managing conflicts effectively. Thanks to THC Consulting, the Program has truly empowered me to be more effective in managing my changing environment.”

Eric Chong
Area Manager – Kuching
Kurnia Insurans Bhd.

“The Effective Managers Program is a good training program which is very practical to be applied into our everyday situations, whether in working environment as well as home. The Program is well structured with good interaction with participants. The key focus from this Program prepares Managers to embrace/manage Change and also lead in shift paradigm for our organisation.”

Teo Kai Chuang
Agency Development Manager – Kuching
Kurnia Insurans Bhd.

“I have learnt many things in the past which may not be in line with managing current situations and people effectively. From the 8 Sessions of the Effective Managers Program, I have gained many new perspectives of management and skills. I have not thought of these before and also had challenges in solving issues, especially conflicts with subordinates and business partners. I have also taken the opportunity to share the key learning of the Program with my subordinates and hope to create a paradigm shift in their mindset – to move towards our Company’s direction. The Program is a good learning platform for Managers to implement their roles and responsibilities, and further develop them to be successful leaders.”

Lee Boon Chai
Area Manager – Batu Pahat
Kurnia Insurans Bhd.

“It is indeed a useful and valuable experience for me to attend the Effective Managers Program, as I started “know how” to assume a role as a good and effective manager. I have learnt “new” things under the program such as impact & influence part of a manager; as I think what I need to do to cover my tension gap is Power Behaviour of a manager. This training also highlight to me on the empathy listening which I find myself lack of, how to manage EQ, how to delegate task and etc are important areas that I need to concentrate on.

Besides, Mr. Huat Chye had applied his vast experience to quote us examples in real life and discuss on the issues in real situation for our better understanding. This is something that we can’t find from the book or by reading the training material. I find them useful as facts are dead without examples and practical exercises. Another thing I realize that application of training materials to real life means more observation and practise of what have learnt to have a “true” understanding and absorption on the subject matter."

Tan Lee Siang
Deputy Manager – Motor Product Division
Kurnia Insurans Bhd.

"THC Consulting’s two-days Performance Management program was clearly well designed to deliver its learning objectives. It was packed with relevant content, practical best practices and up-to-date frameworks in an orderly flow. More importantly, the facilitators had brought the delivery to live. Both Huat Chye and Mui Han were humorous and candour. And their skilful facilitations had enabled great interactions and sharing of best practices among the participants throughout the two days. In summary, great program and excellent facilitations."

Agnes Choon
Director - Human Capital (2010)
Green Packet Bhd.

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