Consulting Area 3: Performance Management System

THC Consulting will work with your Organisation to develop the appropriate Performance Management system that is in line with your Organisation’s Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Business plans and directions. 

Our consultants will partner with your Management to review your current performance measurement practices. We will also assist to introduce a robust Competency-based Performance Management System that will better manage your staff’s performance, both in terms of the Key Results Area (KRA) and the desired Behavioral Competencies.

In ensuring the Performance Management cycle is quickly implementable, we will specifically assist your Organisation to provide better clarity in Performance Planning, Performance Review and Appraisal. This is to ensure maximum productivity is harvested from the performance of each                                                                                                           individual staff and the Organisation as a whole.

The General Scope of Performance Management Projects for Our Clients

  • Review current performance measurement practices and assist key staff  in developing departmental KPIs.
  • Defining its core competencies in line with the company’s core values and changing business direction
  • Design a competency-based Performance Management System  for the Organisation to reinforce the core competencies and drive a performance culture
  • Communicate and train this understanding and application of these Core Competencies in the new PMS to all key staff in the organisation

Key Deliverables for Performance Management Project

  • New Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Behavioral Competency Model for Organisation
  • Behavioral Competency Dictionary with leveling
  • New Performance Management System (PMS) forms
  • Performance Management System (PMS) Guidebook
  • Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Familiarisation Training for key  Managers and Executives.

The above mentioned are just general deliverables for projects involving Performance Management System. The actual deliverables would depend on the scope of project ascertained upon customisation to the Clients’ needs.

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