Effective Managers Program (EMP) 

Our 8-module program based on Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model helps managers learn the fundamentals of being an effective manager. Apart from the skills that will be imparted (e.g. Delegation, Conflict Management), the core of the program lies in helping participants understand their ROLE as a People Manager. We use assessment tool as well as well-researched models to help them understand themselves better as a person, and be able to play their managerial role to the fullest effectiveness. There will be inter-module assignments that will be given to participants, and we will review with them their learning after each module. Our review focuses on the practical aspects of learning, not just the theoretical part. Participants learn skills and how to utilise management tools to get results through strategy and execution.

Possible Targeted Audience: This program is catered for existing managers and would-be managers

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