Developing EQ-Able Leaders (DEAL)

This leadership program is based on Daniel Goleman's EQ model, as well as the Six Seconds model. The program covers essential EQ skills that leaders need to have in order to bring about resonance within themselves, and in managing others. A highlight of the program is the EQ Assessment Report (using Harrison Assessments Tool) that gives participants a comprehensive feedback on their EQ Leadership competencies. This program will benefit leaders of organisations by enhancing their Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Awareness competencies. Through the use of EQ assessment tools, leaders will be able to be more self-aware of their emotional triggers and tendencies, and manage them appropriately. Managers and leaders will be well equipped to handle challenges and stress that comes from managing people at work, and be able to make good EQ-Able decisions.

Possible Targeted Audience: Managers and Senior Leaders

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